About Me

Ciao, I’m Alessandro,

I was born in 1950 in Lovere ( Bergamo ), a little village around 140 miles north west of Venice.

In 1966 I moved to Venice and now, after 54 years at the question: Are you Venetian? I’m always lying answering: yes, I’m a real Venetian born in Venice.

More then 20 years ago I was so luky to meet Rick Steve and to start to be mentioned in his ” Rick Steves’ Guide Book ” for tours.

The special one is the ” BAR TOUR “, see below.

You can send a message (contact area) but, you cannot book or pay directly.

Hoping to see you soon in Venice.






Marc & Eileen Coombs

Our walking tour with Alessandro was one of the highlights of our stay in Venice. We went on our first night in Venice which is a great way to kick off your visit. We met up with a group of about 6 other couples who seemed to all follow Rick Steves guidebook suggestions. The tour took us to three cosy & unique Venetian restaurants/bars where we had plenty to drink and nibble on. Along the way Alessandro gave us plenty of insight into life in Venice which we found fascinating. It was a wonderful experience. We would strongly recommend anyone to take it. Marc & Eileen Coombs

Customer 2

My wife and I were so happy we did the bar tour with Alessandro. It was a fun and unique way to experience and learn about the real Venice. And Alessandro is hilarious and a great host. Ciao, Jake

Vicki and Mike from U S A

Hi Alessandro, My wife Vicki and I had a great time at the wine tour. Regards, Mike