The ” BAR TOUR “ in venetian ” Giro di ombre ” literally ” Turn of shadows ”

is a short walk with 3 stops where we will drink “ombre” (glasses of wine) and, in order to appreciate the wine (or better to have a good excuse to drink) in Venice we use to eat a “cicchetto” (little tapas-like morsels).
Just one stop is considered an aperitif, (in Latin aperitivo mean “to open”), you’ll drink something that should open your stomach, in fact the idea is to make you feeling more hungry, but 3 stops is also the best way to eat a light dinner in a progressive pub crawl on top of the chance to meet new friends or simply chatting with people in a very friendly way.

Normally the first stop is more relaxing, getting alone with the guide and the other partecipants at the tour while in the second and third stop we will pretend to be locals with the combination of drinking ” ombre”, eating ” cicchetti” and a chat like Venetians use to do before dinner.

WHEN: 18:00, daily, at request, with the minimum of 6 people to operate.
Length of the tours: 2 hours 18:00 to around 20:00

Hoping to see you soon in Venice.